2023 DTI Learning Community Application 


The Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI) Learning Community is a five-month, team-based, structured learning program that brings together practitioners from multiple organizations to explore issues at the nexus of workforce development and digital technology, including: 
  • how jobs and access to jobs are being redefined, at an increasing rate, by automation and task augmentation; 
  • the impact of digital skills gaps on income inequality and the ability to build pathways out of poverty;
  • opportunities to bolster the effectiveness and capacity of all facets of workforce program operations and streamline staff workflows by strategically using the right tools.
As a Capstone Project to apply the topics covered throughout the DTI Learning Community, each team will create a Digital Transformation Roadmap for its own organization. Teams will make a formal presentation about their roadmaps during the final session in September.

DTI Learning Community at a Glance

Cohort ParticipationEach organization may send up to 3 staff. Since this is a cumulative learning opportunity, staff listed in the application must attend all sessions. One participating staff member must be the Director of Workforce Development or a higher position to maximize the adoption of new strategies.

Cohort Structure and Timeline: The learning community runs between April - September 2023 as follows:    
  • Virtual live sessions via Zoom, 1:00-3:30 pm Eastern on the following Wednesdays: April 19, May 3, May 17, May 31, June 14, June 28, and July 12
  • Organizational DTI Roadmap strategy coaching, July-August. Each organization will receive up to 5 hours of one-on-one coaching to help develop its DTI Roadmap capstone project. Coaching times will be determined after the start of the cohort.  
  • Capstone Presentations: September 13, 1:00-3:30 pm Eastern. Each organization will formally present its digital transformation roadmap to the learning communities. Leaders from each organization and other interested parties may be invited to the session.
Expert Speakers and Peer Learning: Hear from national and local experts on how digital technology has been transforming the nature of work, and how workforce programs across the country are using digital tools to operate in new and better ways.
Infrastructure Mapping: Develop a clear understanding of digital platforms and tools available (or not) within your organization, how they work together (or not) to streamline efforts, and the areas of operation ripest for digitization.  
Capstone Project: As the culmination of the Learning Community, participants will present a detailed digital transformation roadmap for their own program.

Select topic areas include:
  • The Three Pillars of DTI for Workforce Development: Labor Market, Skills Gaps, and Organizational Productivity 
  • Increasing digital access for participants
  • The promise and challenges of digital transformation: understanding benefits, necessary commitments and common pitfalls of a digitally-centric approach   
  • Infrastructure analysis: showing how existing digital tools are being used, identifying gaps, and opportunities for enhancement 
  • Building an organizational culture around technology to support progress along the digital maturity curve 
  • Streamlining data collection, sharing & analysis to improve practitioner workflows
  • Building connections with participants: recruitment & retention technology
  • Work readiness preparation, skills training, and classroom technology
  • Employer engagement & business development technology

COST: $300 (the $300 fee covers the entire team)

This application should be completed by the Director of Workforce Development or someone in an equivalent role. 

Please submit only one application per organization. For questions about the application or eligibility, contact Dan Salemson, Managing Director of Digital Learning and Technology at dsalemson@wpti.org
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